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Jurors determining competency for Davis teen convicted of torture, murders

WOODLAND, CALIF. – A teenager convicted of torturing and murdering an elderly Davis couple will soon learn where he'll serve his sentence.

Testimony for the sanity phase of the Daniel Marsh trial wrapped up Monday afternoon. Jurors will hear closing arguments from the prosecution and defense before beginning deliberations Tuesday.

Marsh, 17, was found guilty of torturing and killing 87-year-old Oliver Northup and his 76-year-old wife Claudia Maupin in April 2013.

Davis teen convicted of couple's murders

The teen targeted the couple at random, after looking for a Davis home he could break into. He then tortured them before killing them in their bed.

Davis teen convicted of couple's murders


Daniel William Marsh was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of a Davis couple by a Yolo County jury on Friday.

Marsh, 17, was also convicted of lying in wait, torture and multiple murders He was accused of stabbing to death Oliver "Chip" Northup, 87, and his wife Claudia Maupin, 76, in their condominium in April 2013.

Jurors began deliberating Friday morning. They took about an hour and a half to reach their verdict.

Jury to begin deliberations in Daniel Marsh double murder trial


WOODLAND, Calif. - During closing arguments, jurors heard horrific and disturbing details of how Daniel Marsh allegedly tortured and killed an elderly Davis couple.

The murders were in 2013, inside the home of Oliver "Chip" Northup and his wife, Claudia. Prosecutors say Marsh, who was 16 at the time, randomly chose the couple, broke into their home, watched them sleep and then tortured and stabbed them in bed more than 60 times.

"He wasn't interested in money. It was self-gratification. He wanted to murder somebody," prosecutor Michael Cabral said in his closing argument. "He was a predator, searching the streets of Davis for someone to kill."

In court Thursday, Marsh barely diverted his attention from the yellow legal pad on the table in front of him.

5 arrested in trailer park drug, weapons raid

Two assault rifles, parts and the tools to make assault firearms were seized during a drug raid at a Davis trailer part Wednesday morning.

Davis police and several area law enforcement agencies served search warrants on five residences as part of a four-month investigation into alleged drug dealing at Royal Oaks trailer park on Artis Lane. The police news release stated multiple firearms and ammunition, a concentrated cannabis lab, 168 marijuana plants and three pounds of marijuana were recovered in addition to the assault weapons.

The release said another search warrant executed in Sacramento in connection to the investigation recovered 1.5 pounds of methamphetamine.

One Royal Oaks trailer was condemned as uninhabitable. Two children were taken into protective custody.

West Nile virus poses special September threat

West Nile virus poses special September threat

SACRAMENTO - The West Nile virus continues to be a problem throughout California with more than twice the number of human cases compared to same time last year.

All month, public health officials have focused on preventive spraying across the region to combat the West Nile virus. One recent target was Oki Park, near Rosemont. That was good news for those gathered at the park Saturday afternoon, especially for Lyn Piegaro who was diagnosed with West Nile virus several years ago.

"It's debilitating. It's very hard, and I'm guessing for the kids and older people it's even worse, which is why I'm very happy that they spray," Piegaro said.

The website FIGHTtheBITE.net shows recently sprayed areas like the section of the American River just north of Oki Park.

Vacaville employees halt strike after city agrees to mediation

VACAVILLE - The city of Vacaville is back to normal for the time being now that striking city employees have temporarily agreed to go back to work.

Members of Local 39 came off the picket lines Friday afternoon after the city agreed to mediation as contract negotiations continue.

Since Wednesday, Local 39 member Alex Mummert and nearly 100 of the city's operating engineers who maintain critical infrastructure have been on the sidewalks outside City Hall and on other picket lines. Their goal has been to raise public awareness about Vacaville's move to cut wages for Local 39 members by 21.5 percent. Union leaders said for their members that could be as much as $1,200 to $1,500 per month.

"My rent payment is $1,500 a month, so if I can find a house to live in for 300 bucks a month, I'm good. Anybody know where that is?" Mummert asked.

UC Davis researcher pleads no contest to explosive chemicals, firearms charges

A UC Davis researcher entered a no-contest plea to 17 charges in connection to an explosion at his Davis apartment last Jan. 17.

David Snyder, a chemist, was accused of having chemicals such as ammonium perchlorate (used in rocket fuel) in his Russell Park campus apartment. Court documents also listed firearms and ammunition in his home that are prohibited on campus.

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