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Quake predictor can help you plan for the next 'big one'

DAVIS - If you've ever wondered about the earthquake risk in your area and the damage your home might suffer -- yes, there is an app for that.

"This week we've had thousands of visits a day to the website," UC Davis professor of physics and geology John Rundle said.

Rundle and a colleague co-founded OpenHazards.com, dedicated to the issue of earthquake safety and preparedness. The website is based on an earthquake prediction model that uses the Gutenberg-Richter Frequency Relation to estimate when new quakes may happen, using previous earthquake activity.

"So what we do is, we use small earthquakes to forecast big earthquakes," Rundle said.

You can use the website to estimate the probability of a quake of a given size in your area and the damage it might cause to your home. It provides a good idea of whether earthquake insurance might be a good investment.

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Napa area rattled by 3.9 aftershock

NAPA, Calif. (AP) - Napa County has been rattled by a small aftershock to the strong and damaging earthquake that hit California's wine capital over the weekend.

The US Geological Survey says the 3.9-magnitude quake struck at 5:33 a.m. Tuesday about seven miles south of the city of Napa.

PREVIOUS STORY: Napa wary of aftershocks in wake of 6.0 jolt

A sheriff's dispatcher says the station shook a little, but there have been no calls reporting damage or injuries.

Napa wary of aftershocks in wake of 6.0 jolt

Residents of this picturesque wine-making area north of San Francisco have been warned to be careful around buildings damaged by a weekend magnitude-6.0 quake because of the danger of aftershocks that could continue for several weeks.

The quake struck early Sunday about six miles south of Napa, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

It was the largest to shake the San Francisco Bay Area since the magnitude-6.9 Loma Prieta quake struck in 1989, collapsing part of the Bay Bridge roadway and killing more than 60 people, most when an Oakland freeway fell.


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Earthquake rattles, doesn't wreck Napa wineries

Near the height of annual harvesting and tourist season, California's Napa Valley wineries were struck hard by Sunday's magnitude-6.0 earthquake, but many reported surprisingly light damage.

The early morning earthquake, whose epicenter was about 9 miles south of Napa, jolted residents and had winemakers scrambling to check their homes and businesses.

"It was a very violent awakening," says Sandy Taylor, co-founder of the Taylor Family Winery in Napa. "It seemed to shake a long time. Our dogs and cats bailed out."

Taylor says her winery, about a mile from the epicenter, lost one barrel of 2013 Chardonnay. "The finished bottles at the winery were fine, Taylor says. "The finished goods are in cases, boxed, palletized and shrink-wrapped," she says. "I think the shrink-wrap was what kept them safe."

6.0 earthquake epicenter is American Canyon

6.0 earthquake epicenter is American Canyon

As reported by Northern California Seismic System, UC Berkeley and ..... Read More

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